Aeroplane Races

by Disco Machine Gun

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released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Disco Machine Gun Wilmington, Delaware

The idea of Disco Machine Gun began in late 2006 with a few riffs. The moniker was created during a drunken one man dance at a party in May 2008. The actual band began work a couple days later. Since then members have come and gone and many a song has been written. Disco Machine Gun will never end. ... more

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Track Name: Orchid
Drip, drip, drip, drip,
From my hand
Water to the root
Cross eyes set in
Gaze upon
Stems forbidden fruit

Buds adorned by
Wilted wings
Retain their taste so sweet?
Pedals rotten
To the bone
Can’t fend against the feast

Workin’ through your name
Workin’ through your name

Phoenix, phoenix
As I rise
Ashes cloud my toes
Drummer bangin’
In my head
Got a brand new roll

If the present
Beats the past
Than what should we say?
Thank our lucky stars
Cause now
We’ve got one that can play

Workin’ through your name
Workin’ through your name
Track Name: D.C. Crew
I get the feeling
The D.C. crew is watching me
Strangely appealing
They won’t acknowledge what they see

Cause you want it
But I got it
If you need it
Come and get it

Round and round we go
Till this wrench falls in between the gears
Blind lead the blind
But can’t deny the sound that fills their ears

Cause you want it
But I got it
If you need it
Come and get

I’m gonna wash these hands
I’m gonna wash these hands
I’m gonna wash these hands
I’m gonna wash these hands


Track Name: Don't Look Down
Bare heels press down
Against a dusty dashboard
Front windows blown out
We head south towards the Jersey shore

And she’s got stars
Branded on her skin
So I follow her stars
Between the hips to life’s origin

Oaxacan ruca
The burning bridge won’t spot our path
Contrary routes pull
Organ strings like marrionettes

Cause you’ve got stars
Branded on your skin
I follow your stars
Between the hips to life’s origin

Don’t look down
You’re gonna lose your breath
You’re gonna give up everything

Don’t ask why
I’m gonna lose my nerve
I’m over thinking everything

Can’t keep waiting
Can’t keep waiting
Can’t keep waiting
Track Name: God Thank God (Abandon Ship)
Claret feels just like a severed limb
Sipping on her tonic and her gin
God, thank god

Claret is naive, as hell in fact
Will not hear the whisper’s ‘hind her back
God, thank god

And Claret is sure picky with her teeth
And Claret twitches as she falls asleep
No one trust’s her snake’s lips as they speak
Hissing “Things aren’t as you all perceive!"

Stella isn’t thirsty, like the rest
She’s clean and chaste, under a dirty dress
God, thank god

Stella sling’s paint surrealistically
Wear’s her last canvas upon her sleeve
God, thank god

I want to see how Stella shake’s the sheets
I want Stella shaking them all with me
I’ll box both my own ear’s in hope’s to keep
Claret’s comeback plea’s out of their reach

Build the fire
Build it higher

Your a spoiled cypher
I’m an apathetic wretch
Anti-Opus, grand designer
Were the scar acrossed her chest
Give it all to me
I’m not afraid to bleed
Beg forgiveness
Once inking the deed

Stella threw me down into her bed
Pulled my clothes and hair upon my head
God, thank god

Stella held me till the night’s death nell
Kept me warm inside her sleeping shell
God, thank god

Now I know how Stella shakes the sheets
Cause I got Stella shaking them with me
Ride the surf cause I’ve got all I need
Hold my breath that things stay peachy keen

I’m sitting here
As the ship’s taking on water
I’m draining the hull
While the captain scream’s “CALL HER!"
I never led on
That I would be ok
I just hope she can swim
So much better than me

Then the mast hits the deck
And the waves start to kiss
My eye’s give away
All the sleep that I’ve missed
The pills won’t keep
Me afloat anymore
So I’ll sink to the depths
While she head’s for the shore